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I'm Kasey

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Whether it's mind, body, spirit or connection to others, it is vital to us thriving.

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To tap into the infinite possibilities available to us, one must be inspired. 

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The key to being a great leader and change maker is empathy.

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We all have the ability to lead. Finding the courage to lead from love makes lasting change.

my values

I help entrepreneurs and leaders ignite their purpose. 

I have lived a pretty exciting life because I learned to listen to that curious voice inside. That voice took me Rome, Italy where I learned to navigate a new language, country, city, relationship and way of living. That experience continues to inform the way I see the world and how I live my life. It took a lot of courage and confidence to even imagine the possibility of living in another country. 

I found that deep inside, there is a powerful sage that guides us when we choose to listen. It took me many years and a lot of personal development work to acknowledge and own that strength and power within. When I discovered that, I set myself free. Free to follow my own path and vision. Free to tap into my own wisdom and resources to be able to make a difference. It is that sense of freedom that I am called to share with others. 

I am a mother first, it is thing that guides and connects me to purpose. It is where I am most challenged and most rewarded. When I realized that perhaps there was something more to me, not just my identity as mother, I got curious about my highest purpose. That curiosity led to a leadership development workshop that opened me up to new ways of being. It is also where I noticed that I could make a difference for another. I then met my mentor Krista Petty Raimer from Boldly Embody Life and got certified as an ICF coach and facilitator through a program called Elevate. I learned that the process of coaching is a sacred one. It is one where I am the instrument to facilitate the magic that happens when coach and client come together and incredible shifts can occur.

My passions include, community building and organizing, education (once an elected school board member) social and racial justice, family, food, Italian culture, travelling, and humanitarian causes.