Kasey Corsello is a perfect example of someone that is comfortable getting out of her comfort zone. In 2006 she went to Rome, Italy which turned out to be a life changing trip. It was there she decided to move to the Eternal City and follow her heart.

This jump into the unknown included leaving her dream job, her close-knit family and opened herself up to one of the most amazing and challenging experience of her life.

Kasey has an engaging way of painting a picture of the experience living in Rome, getting married and becoming a mother there. Her ability to weave colorful experiences and insightful learning leaves audiences feeling inspired, entertained and empowered to move beyond their fear and take a risk.

Kasey's ability to pull from lived experiences and connect to her audience is amazing. Whether it's the journey of starting Corsello Butcheria with her husband, the challenges of being married to her business partner, parenting, coaching or leadership development, she brings vulnerably and authentically shares her miss steps and triumphs along the way.  

Kasey will work you your organization to create a unique experience, tailored to meet your needs. To learn more about how you can book Kasey for your next event, connect with Kasey here.