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Where can you shine your LIGHT today?

One of my most favorite places in Rome is the Pantheon. It is awe inspiring to say the least. As the earth moves in the day, the light shines through this eye in many different places inside the Pantheon.

This is a great metaphor for life, really. The truth is that the sunlight is ALWAYS shining. It just shines in different places depending on the earth's location. Darkness as we can see is just the absence of light. Have you ever felt really low, dark even. Like, there really is no hope or you can’t even see your way out of all that seems to be overwhelming you? I certainly had this experience last week. Everything felt dark and too much. I also found myself down several rabbit holes creating scenarios that actually weren’t happening. I can do that sometimes, like imagine a situation happening and actually feel like it is happening in the present moment. Fun stuff!!

Well that was my week last week. Even my night last night. I reached out to two friends who said I bet some space might shift your perspective. I of course know this to be true. Just like light can illuminate things to see the full picture, all of the details rather than a few, it can also do the same for perspectives. I imagine this is where the phrase “to shine a light on something” comes from. Just reading those words in texts gave me some hope. That yes, my ability to shift my perspective of a situation can create a new possibility. It can create HOPE.

Where do you need to shine some light today to shift your perspective? The world needs your light today and everyday!! Sending you my love and light today!

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