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We often find what we are looking for.

I love rocks, and have a thing about finding heart shaped rocks. Whenever I am around rocks, I can usually spot one heart shaped rock. When that happens, it reminds me that love is present.

What I’ve learned is that love is always present if I choose it to be. If I invite it in. It’s like putting on a pair of glasses and the lenses are tuned into love. Sometimes I get into a rut and I am not connected to love, I’m connected to fear and angst. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. I’m not judging myself. It’s just a noticing. Plus there is a lot to be anxious about these days. Yet when I look for love, I find it. I find it in the beautiful friendships my children have created. I find it in the abundant orange flowers outside my window as the hummingbird pays me a visit. I find it in the way my dog Luna looks at me. I see it in the way a family comes together to honor their loved one that has passed.

Life is LIVED in the moment. And there are infinite possibilities in each moment. So many opportunities to find love. We find what we are looking for. And in times of incredible uncertainty, division, injustice, loss, we get to create our own healing salve when we’ve had too much, seen too much, gotten wrapped up in everything. We can find a loving moment to be the antidote to fear, division, separation. And then spread that to others. BE, DO, HAVE LOVE

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